Version 1.3.7

Brutal Arena 1.3.7 is now available from the home page.

1.3.7 is a minor update – mostly just to bring the code up to date with the latest Ouya Development Kit (ODK) but I’ve also included a new playable character (Zombie) and level (Cave – with Dragon boss)

Zombie Cave

Work has also commenced on some prototype code for a second ‘Brutal Arena’ game 🙂

Version 1.3.6

Wow! It’s been almost 2 months since last updating :O
Brutal Arena version 1.3.6 is now online – grab it from the home page.

Boss Edition

I’ve stopped calling it ‘Beta’ now since most things are in place and working. There are still some improvements to do but overall it’s working well. Continue reading

Beta 1.3.4

It’s been a cool ride since Brutal Arena hit the OUYA store 3 weeks ago. To date Brutal Arena accumulated some 400+ players – many more than I initially expected. At the moment Brutal Arena has picked up 35 ‘Thumbs Up’ in the sandbox. The metrics to ‘Escape the sandbox’ still seem to be a mystery, but hopefully it’ll make it out soon!

So in celebration I’ve just submitted a Halloween themed update (Should appear on the OUYA within the next few days)
Brutal Arena Halloween
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