Beta 1.3

A few days ago I submitted Brutal Arena Beta 1.2.2 to the OUYA guys fully expecting to get some issues pointed out. Sure enough within 24 hours I got a polite and helpful email saying that they couldn’t yet distribute it due to three main issues. These issues are what has been mostly updated in version 1.3 🙂 Continue reading

Beta 1.2

The Brutal Arena Beta 1.2 .apk is now online! (Grab it from the Home page, in the blue box in the top right)
*** NOTE: Just updated it to Beta 1.2.1 This version uses an updated OUYA Development Kit (ODK 1.0.7) and for some reason inverted some controller vertical axis – so you made need to use the built in Controller Mapper to fix any controller mappings you may have previously set up 😛 Continue reading