Beta 1.2

The Brutal Arena Beta 1.2 .apk is now online! (Grab it from the Home page, in the blue box in the top right)
*** NOTE: Just updated it to Beta 1.2.1 This version uses an updated OUYA Development Kit (ODK 1.0.7) and for some reason inverted some controller vertical axis – so you made need to use the built in Controller Mapper to fix any controller mappings you may have previously set up 😛

Some new things in Beta 1.2:

A new playable character (I’m calling him ‘Blorx’ :)) – he’s a cute little hamster-like guy with cool goggles. Although slightly smaller in stature than the other two characters, he’s quick on his feet and speeds around the levels faster than anyone else. The downside – he’s not quite as tough as others and starts with less health.
BlorxIce ice baby
Along with a new character also comes a new level, ‘Ice’. Now players can blow each other away as snowflakes gently drift around them 🙂

The main menu has had a face lift and now displays each characters’ health, speed, and weight – all important factors when selecting the perfect avatar of doom.
MenuBlorx MenuImages have also been added to the game type selections (Timed, Kills, Bullet Time, and Rockets Forever)

Controller mapper
And finally, more work has been done on the built in Controller Mapper. Now Brutal Arena comes with pre-setup mappings for:

  • Afterglow Gamepad for PS3
  • Microsoft X-Box 360 pad
  • PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller (AKA The Playstation Dual Shock 3)

Built-in Controllers

These are the three controllers I have access to and have tested with besides the usual OUYA controller (Which is supported by default – in fact any controller with ‘ouya’ in its’ name will be treated as a standard OUYA controller)

These three built-in controller mappings can be modified and changes are saved. To reset them just delete them using the Controller Mapping Editor and the next time Brutal Arena is started the default mappings will be re-installed)

Controller MappingThe Controller Mapper is still a work in progress. I’m still playing around with ideas like:

  • A simpler ‘directed wizard’ type interface for setting up controllers
  • An online server that could be queried for mappings of a specific controller and/or device
  • Or one big built-in library of controller mappings that gets installed by default

Submitting controller mappings
For anyone who is interested in mapping their controllers and possibly having them included in future versions, this is what you need to do:

  1. Download/run the current version of Brutal Arena and use the Controller Mapper to map your controller (Please map ALL possible buttons, sticks, and triggers)
  2. Use either a file manager on the OUYA (Eg I use ES File Explorer) or if you have your OUYA hooked up to a Windows/Mac machine to, navigate to the folder: ‘Android/data/com.gman.BrutalArena/files/ControllerMappings/’
  3. Grab any mapping files that don’t end with “_OUYA” (These are the built in ones) and email them to gman[at]brutalarena[dot]com
    Note: If you are interested/worried about the contents of these files you can open them first in Notepad. They simply list the version, full name of the controller, uid (Not used anymore and always says “ONLY AVAILABLE ON OUYA!”), button and axis id mappings, and the name of the file.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! 🙂

Check out a video of the new things below (Go 720p HD for better quality!)