Beta 1.3.2

Good news! Brutal Arena (1.3.1) has been approved by the OUYA team and is scheduled to appear in the sandbox on the 2nd October. I could release it sooner but wanted a little more time to clean up a few things, optimize, and get a few more playable characters ready.

The new characters are available in the 1.3.2 build currently on the Brutal Arena home page.

New characters
The character system I designed specifically to support a wide variety of weird and wonderful characters but so far I’ve only had time to create bipedal ones, so I spent a day working up a brain in a jar quadruped.

Next up I built a female counterpart to the ‘Rookie’ character – her name is Lynx.
LynxNote: I plan on making Lynx’s hair move using cloth but only found out after modeling, texturing, rigging, and animation that there seems to be a nasty bug with Unity’s skinned cloth component. Apparently there maybe a fix for this so I’ll revisit a little later.

These two new characters round out the four other playable characters to date, with each having their own strengths and weaknesses.
Characters PromoMusic volume
Beta 1.3.2 also adds an option for setting the volume of the background ‘music’ (Well, it is just ambient hums etc) independent of the sound effects. Still need to do more work on the sound/music.
Music VolumeNote: Also re-balanced all the sound effects so they peak at around -12dB now (Eg quieter than before)

Other stuff
A bunch of smaller fixes and changes:

  • Sped up all characters movement and made most weapons lighter. This makes game play faster 🙂
  • Character names are shown on menu
  • When players have the ‘scale’ pickup (Blue icon) their projectiles do extra damage dependent on their current scale (Actually makes the scale pickup useful!)
  • Implemented a simple analytic system that records useful things like game time, levels played, characters used, non standard controller mappings etc
  • Text above in-game characters reflects their ‘Score’ during a timed game type (Eg number of kills minus numbers of deaths)
  • Some minor AI tweaks to make them seem a little smarter (Still not that hard to beat! ;P)

Hopefully going to be showing Brutal Arena off publicly at the 2013 WA Games Showcase. Should be fear inducing fun to see real people play it :S