Beta 1.3.3

Brutal Arena

Last beta (1.3.3) online before Brutal Arena is scheduled to appear in the OUYA sandbox (2nd October) Grab it from the home page now – or wait the few days 😉

This version is mostly a code and game mechanic update:

  • Lots of weapon damage, weight, rate of fire as well as character speed tweaks/balancing
  • Players can now join/leave on the menu screen (Or join during game play by pressing ‘O’)
  • Right stick replaces Dpad up/down for weapon switching
  • Bunch of ‘under the hood’ code fixes

Thanks to the awesome magic of Unity3D 😀 there is now a Windows (Tested under Win7 64), Mac OSX (Tested under OSX 10.7.5), and Linux (Tested under Ubunut 12.05) versions available from the home page. Note: You will still need a game controller set up and it is recommended for monitors running 1920×1080 ot 1280×720 (Others should work as well)