Beta 1.3.4

It’s been a cool ride since Brutal Arena hit the OUYA store 3 weeks ago. To date Brutal Arena accumulated some 400+ players – many more than I initially expected. At the moment Brutal Arena has picked up 35 ‘Thumbs Up’ in the sandbox. The metrics to ‘Escape the sandbox’ still seem to be a mystery, but hopefully it’ll make it out soon!

So in celebration I’ve just submitted a Halloween themed update (Should appear on the OUYA within the next few days)
Brutal Arena Halloween
This version (1.3.4) adds a ‘Halloween’ level…

Halloween Level

… as well as 2 new playable characters.

Pumpkin And Skuller

In other news, had a great time showing Brutal Arena at the WA Games Showcase 2013.
Got some good feedback and overall folks seemed to enjoy playing 🙂

I’m going to be showing Brutal Arena at another local event on Halloween too!
Byte NightAs usual, each update also includes a bunch of fixes/changes. Some of the ones for 1.3.4 include:
More work on the controllers (Big update coming)

  • Early support for Wireless X-Box controllers (Eg the USB dongle still may cause some problems when mixing with other controllers)
  • Built in mapping for Generic X-Box Pad (Eg Spartan controller)
  • Skip detected devices with ‘keyboard’ or ‘mouse’ in the name
  • Players now press ‘O’ to join on the main menu
  • Particle effect when joining on main menu – and when selecting character
  • Fixed floating blood splats (Eg sometimes appeared when falling in the hole on the Reactor level)
  • Glowing ball effect around weapons and pickups (To make it more obvious that players can pick them up)
  • Fixed a problem with the blob shadows (Issue with Mecanim) and made the blob shadows darker

The OUYA .apk is available from the home page as well as Win/Mac/Linux experimental builds.

Happy Halloween!