Beta 1.3

A few days ago I submitted Brutal Arena Beta 1.2.2 to the OUYA guys fully expecting to get some issues pointed out. Sure enough within 24 hours I got a polite and helpful email saying that they couldn’t yet distribute it due to three main issues. These issues are what has been mostly updated in version 1.3 🙂

OUYA Controller
Standard OUYA controllers are now accessible in the built in Controller Mapper.
OUYA ControllerThis allows players to modify button, axis, and triggers just like other controllers. A default mapping set up is included as part of the Controller Mapper.

Mapper button colors
Also changed the button colors on the Controller Mapper screen to match a real OUYA controller (Eg ‘O’ lights up green, ‘U’ lights up blue, ‘Y’ lights up yellow, and ‘A’ lights up red), otherwise the functionality remains the same.

Added ‘Overscan’ to the Options screen. Players can now scale the screen from full 100% down to 80% (Most TVs should only need to go to around 90% I think to solve overscan issues)
OverscanMecha character
Also quickly knocked up a new playable character just for version 1.3. Experimenting with a hard-edge style where I try and get more out of smoothing groups as opposed to relying on the normal map.

Grab the Brutal Arena Beta1.3 .apk from the right of the home page.