Beta online

The Brutal Arena beta is now online.
You can grab the .apk from the Home page on the right (See blueish/grey box)

Some new additions as well as tweaks and fixes:

Two new (outdoor) levels
Grabbed a few excellent asset packs during the Unity Asset Store August sales. So much cool stuff at awesome low prices! 😀
First level built with the new assets is “Ruins” – an ancient site built around a central monolith. Sit back, relax and frag away!
RuinsNext is “Lava” – a fiery wasteland where the action really heats up!Lava

New character model
Rebuilt the original test character model. Mostly made better normal maps but also made good use of smoothing groups.
New ModelPickup models
Quickly whipped up some 3D models for the pickups. Stills needs a heap more work on the weapon, projectile, pickups, and effects.
Weapons And Pickups

In game a white ammo bar has been added below each players health bar. Not sure if this is really needed since most players will probably just keep firing the current weapon until it runs out of ammo anyway.

Controller mapping
Spent a fair amount of time fixing and adding to the built-in controller mapping utility. There is now a controller mapper editor that lists all the existing mapped controllers where you can either edit or delete an existing mapping.
Controller Mapping EditorThe actual controller mapper has also been updated with a short introduction message with some instructions on how it works (These instructions will be cleaned up in the future – just need to get it all working first)
Controller MapperIt’s HIGHLY recommended you temporarily plug a USB mouse in when using the mapper – you can use an OUYA controller touchpad, but it gets painfully slow 😛
Once a controller has been set up the mappings are saved (So in theory you only need to do this once)

Note: When mapping sticks to axis make sure pushing up or right on the stick makes the blue bar go to the right. If it goes left then invert it with the Invert box (Eg make sure it is highlighted yellow)

An options screen can now be accessed from the main menu screen (‘U’ button on OUYA controller)
OptionsCurrently there are options to:

  • Force 720p – will try to make the game run at 1280 x 720 (I’m not 100% everything works with this yet)
  • Sound volume – set the volume for all music and sound effects
  • Ai players – set this to OFF to only allow players using controllers to play (Great when you just want to blow your friends up and not be bothered by the AI)

All options are saved when pressing ‘A’ to return to the main menu screen.

Under the hood
There have also been a HEAP of changes and fixes to the code including: a new object messaging system (Eg so players can ‘know’ about what other players are doing), additional features to the AI system to make them a little smarter, updates to the sound effects system (Better control over triggering and running start, updating, and ending sound effects) and many more.
So in short – some stuff may work better or worse or may not even be noticeable, since the last prototype 😀

Things still to do
A bunch of things on the ‘To do’ list:

  • Better looking weapons (Eg the current ones aren’t even textured!) Probably no new weapons for awhile.
  • More playable characters.
  • More levels – going to try and mix it up. A few crazy ideas in the pipe already!
  • Background music. Not sure if this is really needed in the levels but would be good to have on the menu at least.
  • Possibly have a characters texture reflect the amount of health they have left (Eg bloodied up if taken lots of damage)
  • Some fancy new spawning effects.
  • Better balancing of weapon damage, weight, ammo, and accuracy.