Prototype 1 online

Just packaged up the current prototype version of Brutal Arena.
You can grab the .apk from the Home page on the right (See blueish/grey box)

DISCLAIMER: This IS prototype software. It is NOT finished (By a long shot!)
If you are not comfortable testing out a potentially buggy game then do NOT download and install the .apk
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Controller Mapper

One of the big issues OUYA games seem to be hitting at the moment is the support of third party controllers. Seems at best devs are supporting PS3 and XBox controllers along side the native OUYA controllers.

To tackle this issue in Brutal Arena, I’ve been knocking together an in game controller mapping tool. Basically it works by auto detecting when an unknown controller is connected and pops up the following screen…
Controller Mapper

From here a player can use either an OUYA controllers touchpad or plug in a USB mouse and map buttons and axis on the picture of the OUYA controller to inputs on the unknown controller (Eg they click a button/axis on the OUYA controller image then mash buttons/sticks/triggers on the unknown controller until they can figure out what should be connected ;))

I have to admit it isn’t great asking the player to map their controllers (This stuff should just work out of the box) but they should only need to do it once since mappings are saved locally. Still need to do some UI and instructions to try and make this process as simple as possible.

UPDATE: Just added a simple ‘Controller mapping editor’ option so a player can go edit mappings after the initial unknown controller detection.