Prototype 1 online

Just packaged up the current prototype version of Brutal Arena.
You can grab the .apk from the Home page on the right (See blueish/grey box)

DISCLAIMER: This IS prototype software. It is NOT finished (By a long shot!)
If you are not comfortable testing out a potentially buggy game then do NOT download and install the .apk

This prototype currently has:

  • 2 selectable characters (Well the same character model with different heads ;P)
  • 3 test levels (Reactor, Comms Array, and Docking Bay)
  • 4 game types (Timed (5 minutes), First to 10 kills, Bullet Time, and Rockets Forever)
  • 6 weapon types (Chainsaw, Basic Gun, Flamethrower, Gatling Gun, Lightning Gun, and Rocket Launcher)
  • Some sound effects and background sounds

Also has the prototype of my controller mapper. This means if you have any non-OUYA controllers plugged in at game start it should detect them and show the controller mapping screen for each.
Controller Mapper
I highly recommend plugging a USB mouse into the OUYA temporarily to set the controllers up (Otherwise you’ll have to use an OUYA controller’s touch pad)

Mappings are saved in a simple JSON format on the OUYA in /Android/data/com.{username}.BrutalArena/files/ControllerMappings/ so you should only need to set them up once (Note: Probably will need to reset them up in future versions or if you delete/reinstall the game)

In future versions I hope to have popular controller mappings already setup (Eg the most common XBox and PS3 controllers)

2 thoughts on “Prototype 1 online

  1. Hey thanks Timothy.

    I’ll drop you a line when I get closer to release time.

    I’ve recently been thinking about adding a mapping submission option to the controller mapper so folks could easily send in their mappings if they want. Maybe even something where the controller mapper will try and download/find matching mappings on a server (Eg the actual mapping files/data are in a simple JSON format so it’s not such a stretch to have them on a server with some easy PHP script that could look through them searching for a match to a request 🙂 )

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