Version 1.3.6

Wow! It’s been almost 2 months since last updating :O
Brutal Arena version 1.3.6 is now online – grab it from the home page.

Boss Edition

I’ve stopped calling it ‘Beta’ now since most things are in place and working. There are still some improvements to do but overall it’s working well.Bosses

The major update in 1.3.6 is the addition of level bosses. These are unique, tough characters that add some extra challenge into each level.
BossesEach boss character has their own unique attack method.

There is an update to the main menu. I decided there was too much happening on the old menu so I split it into 2 screens. On the first screen players select their character and then on the second second the active player selects the game type and level.

There is now an awesome theme tune played over the menu. This was created by Thomas Green (AKA Praxis Axis) Check out his Soundcloud!

Also did some more work on the controllers. Wireless XBox USB receiver is better supported – this was a real pain since the OUYA sees the receiver as 4 controllers no matter how many are actually active 😛 Now all players need to press ‘O’ (Or equivalent) to activate their controller. It’s not great but it seems to work ok.

On the subject of controllers, I also added a new popup alert when an unknown controller is detected. This allows people to wait 5 seconds to ignore a controller so they don’t have to map it straight away. Pressing any button on the unknown controller should bring up this alert again.
Controller AlertTweaks
There have been a few more tweaks to the weapons (Weight, fire rate, damage etc) as well as some better looking blood splatter effects and rocket explosions 🙂

Overall I am happy with how the project is progressing. Since it’s launch in early October it has had over 1,000 people install and play it. I plan on continuing to add more content in 2014 whilst planning the next game.

Have a happy Christmas and merry new year!